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Visa Sponsorship jobs in Denmark 2024 | Apply Now

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Demark: Are you trying to find a job in Denmark that will pay for your 2023 visa The excellent news is that we have compiled a list of Denmark visa sponsorship opportunities that are up for application as of right now and will run through 2024. Here’s some amazing information for you.

This article provides comprehensive information on working in Denmark including job search strategies, salary information and more.

Details of Denmark Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024

Host CountryDenmark (North Europe)
Job TypeVisa Sponsorship
Eligible ForAll Foreigners are Eligible

Visa Sponsorship Types

Different types of visa support are available in Denmark for various categories of international workers.

Positions Available:

The following are the Available Jobs posts to Apply for:

  • Associate Software Developer at IBM CIC.
  • Associate Crypto Developer at IBM CIC.
  • Principal Engineer in Software Acoustic R&D.
  • Supplier Operations Manager.
  • Senior IT Security Engineer in Application Security and Testing.
  • Financial Services Strategic Business Development Manager.
  • Data Management Consultant.
  • Procurement Specialist at UNOPS in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Global Category Manager for Port Expenses.
  • Agile Delivery Practice Leader at IBM CIC.
  • Associate Project Coordinator at IBM CIC.
  • Experienced Project Manager for Hillerd Pilot Operations.

Eligibility Criteria

The following documentation is required for EU nationals to obtain a work permit in Denmark:

  • A passport or national identification card.
  • A passport-sized photograph.
  • A finished application.
  • Documentation on grounds for worker residency.
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Benefits of these Jobs

The Following are the offered benefits of the Denmark Visa Sponsorship Jobs:

  • Visa sponsorship and relocation package.
  • Private health insurance.
  • Competitive salary.

Contact Details

Official WebsiteApply Now
Contact Number 00800 4080 4080
 +352 42 44 87
Contact PageVisit Now

Offered Salary

Denmark’s average salary is 47,000 DKK, with monthly payments at 53,000 DKK. North Jutland has the lowest at 45,800 DKK, with potential tax increases of up to 50%.

Things to Know About Working at Denmark

The Average Person knows these points about working in Denmark:

  • No hierarchy, with everyone treated equally regardless of their position.
  • Encourages open communication and disagreement, even among outsiders.
  • Danish humor ranges from light self-pity to mean comments.
  • Danes often mock their teachers or friends, causing a sense of coldness.
  • Spend most of their free time with close family or friends, but social events are highly valued.

Applying Process

Work Visa Process in Denmark involves the following steps:

  • Selecting the best visa for the job and creating a case order ID.
  • Some visas can only be applied by the boss, who must use a power of attorney.
  • Paying the visa fee in the same year as the case order ID is made.
  • Submitting the application form for the work visa, including the AR1 Online and AR6 Online versions.
  • Visiting a Danish diplomatic office abroad within 14 days for biometrics, portrait, and fingerprints.
  • Results of entry in 90 to 120 days, with some visas approved in 30 to 60 days.

Types of Work Visa

Different types of visa support are available in Denmark for various categories of international workers.

H-1 Visa

Professionals with advanced training and credentials that are in high demand by Danish firms are eligible for the H1 visa. Foreign workers can obtain long-term employment in Denmark using this visa.

H-2 Visa

Those who wish to work in Denmark temporarily or for a specific season can apply for an H2 visa. Jobs in industries like tourism and agriculture, where work hours fluctuate, are suitable candidates for this kind of visa.

H-3 Visa

Employees relocating from a branch of their company outside of Denmark to a branch within Denmark are eligible for the H3 visa. This visa promotes information sharing and facilitates internal transfers within the firm.

H-4 Visa

The H4 visa allows foreign workers’ family members to reside in Denmark with their spouses and children while the worker is working.

This post is for educational reasons only and is not intended as direct legal guidance.
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Visa-Sponsorship-jobs- Denmark
Visa Sponsorship jobs in Denmark
People Also Find Out

How can a foreigner get a job in Denmark?

Foreigners in Denmark may require a visa and work permit, while EU citizens can enter and work without a visa. However, proper registration is required for longer stays.

Qualification Required for Denmark Visa Sponsorship Jobs?

The minimum education level required is a high school diploma.

Is Denmark looking for foreign workers?

Denmark seeks foreigners with expertise in 36 highly skilled fields through the Positive List for Skilled Work, open to those offered a job on this list.

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